Salzburg to Munich

The trip from Salzburg to Munich was only a short one. About 2 hours or something so we didn’t need to get up too early for it. Didnt stop me though. I have been plagued by an inability to sleep well here so far. We are well past one week into the trip when i am writing this and yet somehow I don’t seem to have gotten over the jet lag which makes no sence especially when you think about the fact that flying to Europe has meant that i am now in the same timezone as the rest of my family who would be getting up and going to bed 5 hours before me at home and now its all the same time. I guess I just have to put up with it… maybe a big night out will help 🙂

We arrived in Munich at about 1:30. We had a flawless plan that we would dump our bags in some lockers in the train station, have a look around the old town before going to the place we were staying which was a house about half an hour outside of Munich. Our flawless plan was flawed. There were no lockers for us to dump our luggage. so after much discussing about our options (go to the house or stay in town), we decided the best thing would be to head to the house straight away, dump our bags there and come back. I would like to think it was the right choice. We managed to do a bit of shopping (It was saturday that day and the shops are all closed on Sundays and it was a public holiday on Monday so we actually needed to do shopping for 3 days. Can I also point out Perth is not the only place in the world that doesn’t have sunday trading? In fact most, if not all, of Europe doesn’t have it) before going back into Munich itself where we resumed our flawless plan after some minor alterations. We actually ended up only walking around for 10 minutes or so before deciding to have some early dinner as we didn’t bring any lunch for the train. All of the alfresco cafes were full but we found a place inside a courtyard called Ratskeller. The courtyard was tightly enclosed by buildings 4-5 stories high and looking very Gothic age. Really good little setting. We had to wait 15 minutes for a seat but when we were seated we managed to order pretty fast. I suggested getting either any of the sausages or the pork hock. I ended up with a mixture of sausages including chicken, veal and spicy sausage. Sooooo good 🙂

We actually spent about 2 hours in there just eating and enjoying the atmosphere of the old town. Munich, like the rest of Germany, doesn’t really have much of an old town that was left standing after World War 2 but the part we found was just perfect.

When we had taken our fill of food and atmosphere, we walked around the area more until it got dark. Because Oktoberfest was on, there were a LOT of people around. I thought they would have been at Oktoberfest itself but as it turns out, the Oktoberfest grounds is only one part of the celebrations. It consumes the whole city into a sort of frenzy of happiness. In the entire time I was there over the 3 days and with the MILLIONS of people I did see, I only saw one girl crying and zero fights. Unlike a night out in Northbridge which requires half the police force every Saturday night just to try to quell the violence with girls crying on every corner for whatever reason they seem to fit the occasion. Oktoberfest really is a happy festival. A place where people have fun. A place where just because you have drunk too much beer doesn’t mean you have the right to start fights and do stupid things. I have so much love for this concept.

When the sun was just about to go down, we walked back to Marienplatz where the centre of the old town is and the party was continuing to escalate. We however got on the train and went back to the house.


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