Our day in Salzburg

In the morning of our only full day in Salzburg, and our frist day of not travelling since the day after we arrived, was spent on a bus. We were picked up from the hostel by a little red bus, taking us to a larger bus in the centre of town with… you guessed it… “THE SOUND OF MUSIC official tour” written on the side. Now I did know this was happening and although i wouldn’t have voluntarily gone on it by myself, it turned out to be a decent tour. They firstly took us to a few places where the film had been shot that we could see from the bus before taking us to our first stop which was a house on a lake. I had actually watched the film several times as a child with my mum so I actually recognised a few of the different scenes. This was one of them. It’s a house that is now being used by Harvard University as a campus for music students. It sits only a few metres away from the edge of a perfectly still lake surrounded by green gardens with trees dangling into the water. It would be a really nice spot in summer to come and just sit in the sun or pretend to do some work of some kind.

The next place they took us was a palace just outside of town where there is a gazebo that was used in the film. I guess it is a nice gazebo in the way that gazebos are nice plus the location was a winner. We could see in the distance as we approached the gazebo, the palace that the grounds were based around. A really big, orange, grand, almost obnoxious building that i thought was pretty special. Even from our distance. It was a bit of a walk and I would have held up the rest of the group if I had wandered over there and taken a closer look. I would not have been the most popular man on the bus that day. Making the all those people miss out on their Sound of Music sights?!? Capital offence.

When we got on the bus, they took us way out of town and we started climbing the hills and into the lake district. We stopped at one of these lakes, above the town that sits on the edge of it. It was a fantastic view of the town from above sitting right next to the perfectly still lake with huge, obscurely shaped mountains in the far distance. I will never get bored of these views…

We made our final stop of the tour at a town on ‘Moon Lake’. This was a pretty little town that had been mangled by tourism. That was harsh. The town now survives on tourism which means, I feel, it has lost some of its old charm. This stop was for lunch and we stayed for just over an hour before heading back to the bus which took us all the way back to Salzburg without anymore mucking around.

When we got back, it was still early afternoon. I lead everyone to the old town that still had some pockets of it that weren’t completely corrupted by the poisonous finger of tourism. One of these places was a little fresh market stall where we bought some bananas (We felt like kings) and some grapes and continued walking through the smaller, less busy alleys of the old town until we found the funicular to take us up to the castle at the top of the hill. We paid our way up and started to have a look around. We entered the museum and had a look around for a while before we all got kind of bored. We left the museum and went out to the cafe for a coffee break to rejuvenate ourselves before exploring the rest of the castle. This turned out to be the doom of us. We sat in the sun for a good half an hour before pretty much saying “stuff it, let’s go home”. So we that’s exactly what we did. We did some food shopping and headed back to the hostel.

Again, sorry for the lack of enthusiasm in this post, just wasnt getting me as pumped as Switzerland.


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