Munich to Berlin

Today’s the day the teddy bears had their picnic. It is also the day the Law family went from Munich to Berlin. It was the longest day of uneventful travel we had had so far in the trip. It took about 7 hours on a fast train. Seriously nothing interesting happened. There we no mountains. There was no nice old German couples sitting next to me. Not even any screaming children to complain about. So i am going to skip straight to arriving in Berlin.

The arrival in Berlin was about the most uneventful arrival in a city we had had so far in the trip. Other than exiting the wrong side of the Hauptbahnhof, it was pretty easy. After we dumped our stuff, we went to the shops for our dinner, which we brought back to the hostel and prepared pretty much straight away. After dinner events were attempting to use the impossible internet the hostel provided for free. This normally wouldn’t have bothered me but i really want to use it as we didn’t have any in Munich. After getting angry at the slowness of the internet service, I threw a mobile phone at someone and took a job as an assistant coach of Freo (I’m refer to you Mr Sumich) before going to bed

What a boring day. Even when I make stuff up it doesn’t improve it enough to compare to any of the others


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