Luzern to Salzburg

The day we went from Luzern to Salzburg

Memoirs of Jacob Law

The day started as any other with getting up early, eating breakfast and leaving to catch a train. We walked the excruciating 15 mins to the train station and got on our train to the first stop which was Zürich. Only an hour long train through that stunning Swiss scenery that we got to know so well.

We only had a 30 minute stop in Zürich but it was enough time for me and dad to get some much needed coffee that we had missed out on at breakfast. unfortunately, the only thing in reachable distance was a Starbucks. I just don’t understand how or why people voluntarily drink their coffee. It is so terrible and it only gets worse in Europe. No one in Europe has made a good coffee yet. Some have been better than others but always on the not good enough side. As it turns out, Perth actually has a really good coffee culture

Some mountains we went past while on the train

When the train arrived we hopped on and found it pretty much void of people so we were able to get a booth and 2 other double seats right next to each other which meant we were taking up 8 seats between the 5 of us. About half and hour into our 6 hour trip, some more people got on and they had booked 2 of our booth seats. That was ok and we just shuffled around a bit and I ended up sitting with them anyway. Wasnt long before I was chatting to them. They were an older couple from whatever that small town we stopped at and they were going to visit one of their sons in Vienna. The wife spoke very good English and the husband only ‘good’ English but they both had great sense of humour and also helped me our with a bit of German speaking (because I’m not perfect enough now?!?)

When we had arrived in Salzburg, it was a little bit of a mission getting to the hostel as it was a little bit out of the way but once we arrived we settled in nicely. It was a Meininger but very new so very comfortable. Mum, Cass and I went on a bit of a hunting and gathering trip (expedition) to a couple of different supermarkets for some dinner which we cooked when we got back and then did our usual being lazy at night.

Now, I know I that I kind of built up this post a little with the start but it simply wasnt a very interesting day to write about. The idea just popped into my head as I started writing so I put it in. Sorry if I have bored you to death. Just go away for a bit, read something good, come back and tackle my next post. Such faith in my writing….


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