Geneva to Luzern

I am not looking forward to writing about this day what so ever. The trip we took was one of the greatest train rides I have ever taken. It started in Geneva where we got up at a reasonable 6:30 to catch the train to Brig. The fist part of the ride was nice, it just followed lake Geneva for half an hour or so. About 20 mins into the trip, dad pointed into the distance and asked if ‘that’ was a mountain. I didn’t think so, I thought it was just clouds but as we got closer I was definitely wrong. This was our first glimpse of better things to come. I am not going to use words to describe the scenery but I will use pictures.

We followed the lake for a long time. Stopping at Martigny which is just a small tourist town nestled into the mountains. We got off the train and just had a quick look around, sitting down to have a coffee at one of the many bar/pubs they had along the main street. When we first got off the train, I considered Martigny one of those places that only old British couples would visit but after seeing just how many bars and pubs they had all along the main strip, I wouldn’t mind at all coming back here during the summer. I reckon it would go OFF.

The next town we stopped off at on the way was Visp which was where we would be connecting. At some point earlier on, a train conductor decided it would be better if we got off here instead and caught a train to Spiez and cut out Bern altogether. We had a small wait before our next train so we wandered outside to the town where there was a town market on. Here we were walking through the packed market street with our huge packs on. We must have been the entertainment for the locals this time round but the atmosphere that these kind of markets produce is just great. Real happy, comfortable feel.

Our next stop along the way was a town called Spiez. We didn’t have long at all but just across the road from our platform was what looked like a viewing spot. I suggested that Chris and I walk over there and have a look and by God I was happy I did. The town sits on a different huge lake from Lake Geneva and from our vantage point which sat just above the old town, we got a fantastic view of mountains, the lake and of the town that lay out in front of us. On the bank on the other side of the lake was another, just as cute, town to admire.

Our last change-over was in Interlarken, a town Tim, Joel and I visited when we were here 3 years ago. Last time we spent 3 nights there. One day was spent waiting for the clouds to clear so we could do some paragliding so instead we climbed a ‘hill’. At the time it seemed like a hill and it only took us about 3 hours but looking at it now, I don’t understand why we did it. Now I would classify it as a mountain with little chance of just doing it for the sake of doing it. I think back then we didn’t it just because we probably couldn’t even see the top it was so misty. The stopover we had this time in Interlarken was only very short, 10 mins or so, so we didn’t even leave the train station.

The last leg from Interlarken to Luzern was incredible. The train took to the skies! We started to climb up the edge of one of these mountains next to Interlarken, losing sight of everything as we passed through dense forest on the way up. It wasnt for a good 5 minutes or so that we got another look at the valley and by them we were very high up. It was absolutely stunning. Looking down on all the little towns next to the lakes and perched on the mountainside. They all looked like miniature towns that people build with railways and people.

Once we were into the mountains, we continued through a very scenic route that weaved its way around (and through) mountains, with delicious views of ridiculous towns sitting in what seems to me silly places (probably only there for our enjoyment). This last leg brought us all the way to Luzern where we checked into the hotel we were staying (It was a pretty shoddy place as well. The “en suite” was a shower attached to the room with a see-through door on it and the toilet was another room attached, next to the shower, with no door handle at all. There was a hole for the handle whenever it was ready, but not yet.) and then went out to get some dinner and then going to sleep. We were all pretty tired after our huge day of looking up 🙂


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